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MicroAlgae Production Tech is incredibly proud of the environmentally-conscious “best management practices” aquafarming policies have implemented. MicroAlgae Production Tech places a high priority on the excellence of its management team. We can draw from a deep well of knowledge with years of combined food industry experience. Even with all of this knowledge, we believe it is essential to utilize the latest global practices innovations. For this reason, the MicroAlgae Production Tech requires its entire staff to attend continuing education courses offered by universities and institutions.

Meet Our team

Bamidele Jonathan Olagunju


He is a successful oil industry entrepreneur with 20 years of experience. He had worked as Site Administrator, Project Coordinator and Entrepreneur. As Chief Executive Officer of MicroAlgae Production Technologies, Mr. Olagunju’s responsibilities includes creating an expansion plan and facilitating the execution of said strategy by working collaboratively with the other executive team members, ensuring that appropriate KPIs are measured, and sales and growth targets are met. He will help to establish and oversee a sales and R&D team.

Ganiyu Olakunle Bello


He is an intelligent lawyer with 26 years of experience. He had worked as legal counsellor, Associate Partner, Managing Partner and Principal Counsel. As Chief Compliance Officer of MicroAlgae Production Technologies, he aims to utilize his excellent years of experience to bring the company to the Canadian market, expected to be a thriving and profitable business.


Christianah Opeyemi Adegbonmire


She is an enthusiastic, highly communicative Real Estate Entrepreneur with 28 years of experience. She had worked as Management Surveyor and COO. As Chief Operating Officer of MicroAlgae Production Technologies, Mrs. Adegbonmire will be managing daily business operations, in proximity to the heads to ensure smooth running and success in Canada.

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